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We at Bargains Galore are a for profit business. We buy everything from auctions and resell the content. So PLEASE don't insult us with your low ball offers. If you don't tell Walmart, Salvation Army, or Savers what you pay. And they are a multi-million dollar company or a non profit who gets everything free, then please respect we pay for our items and price them accordingly. We stride to also keep our prices as low as possible. We have been in the industry for many of years and have done our homework.

We at Bargains Galore sell just about anything you can think of for the house hold. Bedroom furniture, Living room furniture, Appliances, household decor, electronics, small appliances, Air Conditioners, Heaters, and many more.

We at Bargains Galore also provide you with the best roadside assistance company you can ever want. Read More We also have the money opportunities and best reasons to choose your career with Bargains Galore Roadside

Whether you are just starting out or restarting due to a casualty, we got you covered. We have helped thousands of customers furnish or refurnish the homes due to divorce, due to bedbugs, or just getting there first apartment. So don't be scared when you come in and see our store and it's over packed. Cause it will be. But its cause we have to use every inch to ensure we have what everyone can use at rock bottom prices.

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